Get a Short Term Insurance Quote for your Domestic, Commercial, & Industrial Insurance needs.

With specialist insurance advisers, we comfortably cater to your every short-term insurance need.


We source the best short-term insurance products and offer advice to protect you and your business from unforeseen and fortuitous events. These solutions are regulated in terms of the Short Term Insurance Act.

They will provide all the guidance you need in offering you their assistance with your policy, managing your claims, and reviewing your policies on an ongoing basis to ensure you’ve got the cover you need.

We pride ourselves on being agile in offering customized solutions to a client base that is far-reaching and extensive. Our clients range from being individuals and entrepreneurs, to businesses. We do not put a limit on age or profession. Our operations and service approach are customer-centric in nature. Each client is treated as if they’re our only client and receive efficient and fast service, regardless of the need; time; or place for which it’s required.

We aim to safeguard our clients against the mishaps of life. By doing this, we ensure that our clients have peace of mind regarding their financial independence and assisting in risk management.

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