Obtain a Contractors All Risk Insurance Quote to protect your government, retail, residential, commercial, construction, or other contractual project.

We are able to provide you with sound risk management and protection for your government, retail, residential, commercial, or other construction project. Having a well-structured Contractors All Risk insurance solution ‘opens up’ operational and financing opportunities for your business and the project at hand.

Contractors All Risk insurance offers protection over contracts – on a once-off or annual basis. Construction sites face an array of risks, be it costly or time consuming; for the contractor or other parties involved.

We offer cover for every kind of project, including all types of construction and engineering against fire, explosion, natural disasters, accidental damage, theft, and so much more.

We also provide public liability insurance, as we understand that a big part of a contractor’s risk is attributed to property damage, bodily injury, or death of third parties, whilst carrying out the work to be done.

To save money and experience high quality service, contact us for a Contractors All Risk Insurance quote.

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